Advertising is our business. Online and offline. We pull out all the stops. We plan together with media companies, speak with publishers, clarify matters with printers, deal with associates, refine images, capture texts. Our original core expertise leaves nothing to be desired and is our highest priority.

Jennifer Zeender

Leader 2D
Tel. 043 488 38 39

Eva Stocker

Manager Productionteam
Tel. 043 488 38 35

2D services

  • Image editing

  • Creative image editing 

  • Retouching 

  • Compositing 

  • Text capture 

  • Final artwork 

  • Micro and macro typography 

  • Proofing 

  • Standard banners 

  • Text banners 

  • Large-format banners 

  • Expandable ads 

  • Layer ads 

  • Video ads 

  • Corner ads

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