We are continually expanding our extensive presence with a long-term focus on German-speaking countries. Today more than 10,000 users in a variety of sectors, such as financial services, telecommunications, banks, insurance, supply, public administration, direct marketing, information media, education and printing service providers work with DETAIL NET’s workflow products.

Recognising your needs and interpreting them correctly is the key to us finding individualised solutions for each company’s process requirements – however varied they may be.

Today DETAIL NET is one of the leading suppliers of tailor-made client applications in:

  • On-demand production systems (W2P, W2W)
  • Workflow production systems
  • Online advertising production systems
  • Publishing processes
  • Marketing portals

Tailor-made solutions have been proven to generate not only economic benefist but also lasting satisfaction and success.

We are always happy to advise you. 

Martin Oberholzer

Department Manager
Tel. 043 488 38 37

NET services

  • Strategy, concepts, design and development of tailor-made solutions for specific sectors.

  • PIM, e-commerce, content services, content management, CRM, DAM, design, social media, online marketing, intranet and collaboration, digital publishing, mobiles, web analytics, user experience

  • Developments in: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5, XML, XSLT, Zend Framework, Ext JS, Gearman, CMS, open source, Agile, SaaS, State-of-the-Art, design/architecture, best practices (frameworks, libraries), SDLC (planning, development, operation)

  • Hosting and operation of in-house and third party solutions

  • Support centre

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